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Welcome to 4x4 On Film
We started this site so we could have somewhere to post photos of the some of the local 4wd events that we attend.
It all started when I went with a friend to the Qld Short Course Championships, from there I have been involved as an official on track with the ARB Xtreme Winch Challenge series, EFS Xtreme International, Qld Winch Challenge and more recently behind the scenes with the Mickey Thompson SSS Winch Challenge.
Teresa, my wife, has always been a keen amateur photographer, loves camping and 4wd driving (gee I'm lucky) and as I sat on a winch hill she was running round taking photos with a little pocket camera. As these weren't too bad I though lets see how she goes with a decent camera, so I got her a DSLR camera and as you can see from the photos posted she can take a really good pic. I have also been bitten by the photo bug and when I can get the camera away from her (which isn't to often) I enjoy the challenge of being in the right spot at the right time.
If you see any that you like please contact Mark or Teresa via the Contact Us page for details on how to get a copy and pricing.